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A Weekend to Connect.  A Lifetime to Thrive.

We are so thankful you are considering coming to this special weekend.  We believe strong marriages are critical to our families, ministries and community.  A strong healthy marriage relationship is a vibrant light in a world struggling with identity.  God's design for marriage brings hope and fulfillment.  It is a union that makes us stronger and more complete.


Have you met a couple who exemplifies this kind of marriage?  A couple who compliments each other so well that it stands out.  No couple is perfect.  I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about real devotion.  Unfailing love.  The kind of couple who is just fun to watch because of how they share life together.


All of us are on a journey in our relationships.  You could be at a high point and want to stay at the peak.  Or you could be at a low point wading through troubled waters.  The journey is ever changing.


We can't be complacent.  We have to choose.  We have to take time away to focus on our relationship.  Removing the other distractions so that we can hear.  Should you be here?  I think so.  I believe God is preparing this time and place to do something special in your marriage.


Contact:  adudley@salemalliance.org

Sponsored by Salem Alliance and

Foothills Church of Stayton